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100000mAh Solar Power Bank

100000mAh Solar Power Bank

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Brand Name: MIJIA

Output Interface: Double USB

Output Interface: DC

Output Interface: Lightning

Output Interface: USB-A

Output Interface: USB-Type C

Output Interface: Wireless Charger

Input Interface: Micro USB

Input Interface: USB Type C

Input Interface: MiNi USB

Input Interface: USB

Input Interface: Special Interface

Input Interface: Lighting

Battery Type: Li-polymer Battery

Shell Material: Metal

Features: wireless charge

Features: with Solar Panel

Features: With Flashlight

Features: Digital display

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Portable Power Bank

Certification: CE

Certification: dot

Support Quick Charge Technology: Two-way Quick Charge

Max Input: 120W

Brand: Xiaomi

Type: Power bank

Type: Solar wireless power bank

Product name: 100000mAh

Xiaomi Solar Power Bank 100000mAh Solar Charging Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Large Capacity External Battery Fast Charging

Product name: Xiaomi solar power bank

Product description:

Solar power bank is an innovative mobile power supply that uses efficient solar panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy to provide long-lasting power supply for various electronic devices. This power bank not only has the charging function of ordinary power banks, but also incorporates environmentally friendly and sustainable elements. It is an ideal choice for outdoor activities, wilderness survival and emergency backup.


High-efficiency solar panels: Using high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels, they can be fully charged in a short time.

Portable design: The lightweight size and design make it easy to carry and suitable for various occasions.

Long-lasting power supply: When fully charged, it can provide continuous power supply for mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Intelligent charging management: Built-in smart chip automatically identifies connected devices and adjusts output current to ensure charging safety.

Environmentally friendly materials: Made of recyclable materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

Emergency backup power supply: Can be used as a backup power supply during outdoor activities or emergencies.

LED light: The top of the solar power bank is equipped with LED light, which is convenient for use in dark places.

Multiple charging methods: Not only can it be charged by sunlight, but it can also be charged by mains or vehicle.

Anti-reverse connection design: Built-in anti-reverse connection protection circuit to prevent damage caused by incorrect connection.

Overload protection: When the output current is too large, the output will be automatically cut off to protect the safety of the device and power bank.


1.Insert the power bank into a sunny place to ensure that the solar panel can fully receive sunlight.

2.During the charging process, the LED indicator light will light up to indicate that charging is in progress.

3.When the battery is full, the LED indicator light will automatically turn off.

4.Insert the device that needs to be charged into the USB output port of the power bank, and the LED indicator light will light up again to indicate that charging has started.

5.When the battery is low, the LED indicator light will flash to remind you to charge in time.

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