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Cutting-Edge In-Ear Bluetooth Headset with Fingertip Gyro

Cutting-Edge In-Ear Bluetooth Headset with Fingertip Gyro

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Introducing our cutting-edge In-Ear Bluetooth Headset with Fingertip Gyro, the perfect companion for your audio needs. This revolutionary device combines advanced technology, and convenience, taking your listening experience to new heights. But that's not all. Our In-Ear Bluetooth Headset takes innovation to the next level with its built-in fingertip gyro.


  • Transmission Range: 10m: Experience seamless wireless connectivity and freedom to move within a 10-meter range.
  • Functions: Enjoy a range of cutting-edge functions, including noise reduction for crystal-clear audio, power display to keep you informed, call function for hands-free communication, voice control for convenience, and wide music support for endless entertainment.
  • Bluetooth Protocol: 5.1: Stay connected with the latest Bluetooth protocol, ensuring fast and stable wireless connections.
  • Channel: Stereo: Immerse yourself in immersive stereo sound that brings your music to life.
  • Endurance: 12 (hours): Enjoy non-stop audio bliss with an impressive 12-hour battery life.

Package Content:

Fingertip gyro charging chamber * 1
Headset * 2
Packing box * 1


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