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Halloween Projector Light with Horror Movie Show

Halloween Projector Light with Horror Movie Show

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Experience the spine-tingling thrill of Halloween like never before with our Lifelike Holographic Projection Light. This innovative device transforms your home into a horror wonderland, offering a level of realism that will leave your guests both amazed and terrified. Effortlessly enhancing your holiday decor, this ornament is designed for simplicity and impact. 


  • Full-Color Movies: This window movie projector plays 16-second full-color movies in your windows, making it the perfect addition to your Christmas and Halloween decorations.
  • 12 Movies: Create your own virtual winter wonderland with Christmas movies or set a spooky scene with Halloween movies. It includes 12 built-in movies, 6 for Christmas and 6 for Halloween.
  • Projection Science: Included is a 4-foot by 6-foot white translucent rear projection screen to display your outdoor movie projector's Christmas and Halloween movies.
  • House Decoration: The projector with a stand can project on any window, either horizontally or vertically. It's the ideal tool to effortlessly decorate your home for the holiday season.
  • No-Fuss Installation: Say goodbye to complicated settings and installations. With this device, there's no need for manual adjustments or configurations. Simply insert it, and you're ready to start creating a frightening atmosphere.
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