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Galaxy Star Projector LED Night Light

Galaxy Star Projector LED Night Light

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The Galaxy Star Projector LED Night Light is a captivating and versatile home decor item suitable for bedrooms and a perfect gift for children. This projector creates a starry night sky effect with an astronaut-themed twist, making it an enchanting addition to any space.


  • Astronaut-Themed Design: This star projector features an astronaut design, adding a unique and imaginative touch to any room. The combination of the starry sky and astronaut theme creates a captivating visual experience.

  • LED Projection: The projector uses energy-efficient LEDs to create a stunning starry sky effect on your ceiling or walls. The gentle, soothing lights are perfect for bedtime or setting a cozy atmosphere.

  • Multiple Certifications: The TONGDAYTECH Galaxy Star Projector meets various safety and quality standards with certifications including CCC, CE, and ROHS, ensuring peace of mind when using this product.

  • Low Power Consumption: With a wattage of 0-5W, this projector is energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity costs while enjoying the mesmerizing starry sky effect.

  • Versatile Power Source: It can be powered using a DC source, which offers flexibility in terms of power supply. You can connect it to a USB adapter or any compatible power source with a 5V output.

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